Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post 2599 - Thursday

Whee! My weekend is here! Whee!

I will be down in the Valley this weekend. I haven't been down there in nearly 5 full weeks. My mother has been carefully planning and plotting what I will be doing over the next couple of days. I doubt if I will have more than a couple of hours of sleep per night, so busy will she keep me. She knows that a few stores are open 24x7 down there.  She will make good use of that information between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.

The back seat of my car is positively festooned with bags of magazines. There are now 3 women in town who give me their castoff magazines to give to my mother. I haven't examined fully what is in the bags, but her reading habits have expanded greatly over the last year or so. She reported to me a few minutes ago that she is down to her last couple dozen issues of Reader's Digest and then she will have nothing to read. She has been preparing for the magazine onslaught.

I have to make sure that Newbie doesn't read this blog post. Please do not tell him on the cat-friendly chat room that he visits, Pussies Galore. He hangs out there a lot, probably having meow meow sex with other cats. If he knows that I am going to the Valley tomorrow and plan to take him with me, he will go into hiding. It will almost be as if he were going into WITSEC.

This will be a shorter post. I just want to finish it by thanking  Bill Hart of the 89.9 The Wave morning show. He saw the picture I put on my Facebook yesterday, and on the blog late in the afternoon, that the old lady had put on the windshield of her car. Bill thought that her plead not to get a ticket would be an interesting item for discussion. He mentioned me and the blog several times, and asked people to discuss it on the station's Facebook page. There was lots of discussion,  mostly from people angry that the snow banks would make it difficult, even impossible, for lots of people to access in order to feed the parking meter by their own car. Many others mentioned they'd be very happy to put money in the meter for the lady. A couple a-holes said it was too bad, too sad. If she were too feeble to climb a snowbank and put money into a parking meter, then she shouldn't be out in the elements at all. Nice people, those.

Anyway, I plan to watch an episode, maybe two, of "House of Cards" on my pride and joy 1080p 42" HDTV. Do not judge me.

I will see you tomorrow, from downtown Port Williams.

See you then.


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