Saturday, February 22, 2014

Post 2600 - Radio News

Welcome to Saturday evening.

I am still at my mother's. The last day and a half has been about taking care of a few financial matters and spending time with my mother. She's loving the 14 bags of magazines I dropped off for her. Imagine having 36 issues of "Women's World" to read. Plug who knows what else is in those bags? All I know is that my car's shocks are much happier.

I've had quite a bit of rest as well. My body just kinda shut down early Friday evening.

When I did get up this morning I went to the Wolfville Farmer's Market. I bought some shea butter for when my hands get dry. I made sure it has a relatively masculine scent.

While there, I heard someone yell, "Bevboy!" Turned out to be my friend Darrin Harvey. We chatted for a moment before he asked me what I'd heard about Jeff Cogswell. Turns out he's left Live 105. He was classy about it, thanking staff at the station for their support.

Darrin asked me what I knew, which was nothing. News to me. Floyd has been silent as well, which is unlike her. They're very good friends and I am assuming she's upset by the news.

Jeff sounded very ill on the air as recently as 3 days ago. His voice was barely above a whisper. I ascribed his absence the last couple of days to his being ill. Now I know it's something else. Very sad. I just hope he's able to address his health concerns now that he has some time away from the mic.

People have often asked me why I never went into radio. Self confidence was a big factor. But another huge reason was how vulnerable on air people are. They can be, and often are, here today and gone later today. Formats change and the on air staff no longer "fit". There's a perceived lack of chemistry with on air staff and someone must go. Revenue is in the toilet and layoffs must be made. Whatever.

I had someone tell me about a case at a station in Canada where a guy worked, whom everybody liked. Station had to build a new studio, whose cost was about the same as this fellow's salary.

So they fired him.

I love the medium of radio. But I don't like how even veteran people labouring in it are treated and how they can be fired willy nilly. I'm unaware of any other work place where people are so vulnerable.

This is the second time Jeff's been let go by Evanov in 3 years. He will land on his feet because he's Jeff Cogswell and that is what Jeff Cogswell does. He will get another job in radio before he knows it.

I am just a few hours away from saying goodbye to my forties. I will be 50 come morning. I have no idea where the years have gone. I'll have more to say about that on Sunday. Right after I apply Bengay and consume my Geritol.

See you then.

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