Monday, February 24, 2014

Post 2602 - Radio Musings

Well, I can now tell you what I couldn't tell you on Sunday: Floyd is now the lead host on the Live 105  morning show, effective today.

In a classy move, they mentioned that Jeff had left the show and would not be returning. He has health issues that dog him and which must be beaten down before he can consider returning to work. He now has that time. I wish him every possible success. I know we haven't heard the last of Jeff Cogswell.

Meanwhile, Floyd is going to revamp the show.  Those changes start taking place on Tuesday. I look forward to what she does with the show. I also look forward to learning who her new co-host will be. I know it will be a man. And she has indicated via twitter and via emails with me that it is a guy who's already in the market and that an announcement will likely be made later on this week.

She did not state whether it is a guy who's on the air right now. It might be  a fellow who was laid off at a station. I doubt if it is Jamie Paterson  or Griff Henderson. Both guys are used to being the lead on a morning show. The only thing that lingers about Griff Henderson is that he turned down an opportunity to go to The Wave in the last few weeks. He has a family to support, so why would he turn down a job at The Wave, in a format very similar to the one at the late-and-lamented-by-old-farts KOOL FM, unless he had another iron on the fire? Could that possibly be Live 105? Doubt it.

My gut feeling is that the man they will hire is presently a part-timer at another station. Newcap, and in particular Q104, has a few part-time broadcasters who would doubtless love to be fully employed. I'm hesitant to mention their names only because if I just so happened to list the name of the guy they plan to hire, then that might be embarrassing to all parties involved. But you can go to the station's website and click on Q Jocks and look at the names yourself of broadcasters who are not full time at the station. I see five names there, but isn't Scotty Mars also pulling in a few shifts here and there on that fine station? So, six.

My conclusion is that the dude who will be working with Floyd will be one of the six people on that list. The show on Live 105 will have Floyd's name mentioned first, which is apparently the first time anywhere in Canada this has ever happened: that a female will be the lead host on a rock format radio station.

Congrats to Floyd!

So, in your opinion, who's going to be Floyd's co-host? You can reply via commenting on the Facebook post, to my twitter, by way of a comment to the blog post, or through emailing me directly if you want it to be confidential.

I'm excited to find out who it will be, and what effect this guy will have on the morning show going forward. I have every confidence that they will select an excellent candidate.

In totally other news, the police are re-opening the investigation into the death of my friend Holly Bartlett. Her mysterious death in 2010 was a big shock to all of us. It is hard to believe that she died in the way it was described in the media. She was able to make her way through the city with little more than her white cane, and by times by her holding on to my elbow. If the Quebec police brought in to take a second look at her situation still conclude that it happened the way the original investigation says it did, then that will do little to assuage her friends' scepticism.

The police actually contacted me last week to ask if I knew who the man was in my Toastmasters club who had invited Holly to go swing dancing with him. I passed along what little I knew including his private email address. I don't know if they contacted him or not.

I hope that this re-examination answers the many questions we have about what happened to Holly. We deserve those answers. And so does Holly.

See you tomorrow.


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TBDbyTBA said...

Didn't know Scotty Mars was back in town, thought he had a gig in Ottawa. As for the live 105 job, wasn't there some bad blood when he left there before?