Thursday, February 27, 2014

Post 2605 - Son Of Yet More Radio Musings

Very briefly.

It sure looks as though, come 8 Friday morning, that Lite 92.9 goes a way, to be replaced by a Jack FM format, where they play anything at any time. You may recall that KOOL FM also had the "We play anything" slogan.  This new format will likely be older music with some new stuff mixed in.

(Oh, my friend Wayne Harrett is the one making these predictions. I agree with them. They're not that far off from what I was predicting,  but I'm happy to give Wayne full props. )

Griff and Caroline will be the hosts of said morning show.  I don't know if Rogers will bother to staff other day parts. KOOL FM didn't. Why staff other day parts when they can save a bunch of bucks and just play wall-to-wall music?

The question then becomes: what does The Wave do? If they want to protect the market share they have secured, then they will have to throw some money at their format, lest Griff and Caroline just re-acquire their market share. Probably exactly what Rogers wants.

I still don't know who Floyd's new co-host will be on Live 105. I will have to find out along with everyone else. It's unfortunate that the news about Chris and Lisa and Lite 92.9 is taking away from Floyd's excellent news of becoming the lead co-host at Live.

And, I'm tapped out. I have nothing else to write about impending changes in the radio market in Halifax. You're probably happy about that, and want me to resume running candid pictures of Newbie sitting on my lap.

Have a large evening.

See you tomorrow.


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scott s. said...

It will be interesting to see what happens. The Jack format might actually do well in this market. It doesn't really have a great history of success across North America, with some stations flipping from it after a period of time, but the old KOOL format was the closest this market has even come, so it will be interesting to see if it sticks. Classic hits seem to do far better then anything relatively new here.

I said months ago that G&C would turn up at Rogers. It's the only place they can go. MBS will not pay them the money they feel they deserve (and probably do). Rogers has deep pockets when they have to pay money, understand the need to pay money for something that's a proven success and the rogers existing morning talent was obviously struggling. You don't dump a morning show host who is married to the other and replace him with another guy when something isn't wrong. It also helps when the PD of the rogers station filled in on the KOOL G & C show when G was on vacation.'s all about who you know, and a little bit of talent mixed in there too for good measure.

The result? I suspect the #'s will fragment again with no one really having a great cume, but when you break it down to demo and daypart, they'll still survive. Will Jack steal from everyone else? to a degree yes, out of curiosity at least. New formats do that. It's making sure it doesn't go stagnant over time to keep people there is what counts.