Sunday, March 2, 2014

Post 2608 - Sunday

It is Sunday evening, past 8:30. I have a bit of time to kill before I watch this week's  The Walking Dead.

I am hesitant to refer to it as a male soap opera because lots of women watch it as well; but TWD I think resonates more with men than it does with women. I think it has to do with the many strong male characters on the show, and how even the women have to have figurative testes in order to survive after the zombie apocalypse. There is little time to discuss one's feelings or to decide what to do next. You just have to react before the Walkers get you, and you become one yourself.  Even the kids get involved. Among many other things, Carl had to shoot his mother in order to keep her from becoming one of them.

Anyway, the show starts in just over an hour. Patricia knows better than to disturb me during the show. It is JUST.NOT.DONE. I don't bother her when she is watching her cooking shows, so I expect this reciprocity. It is only right. One time she forgot and walked downstairs into the recroom to ask me something before the show was over. She did not repeat this error.

Not much to talk about today. Patricia prepared an excellent breakfast. I replied by preparing a decent fish dinner with mashed potatoes. She reported that the fish was really good. The secret is to stop cooking it as soon as you notice the fish start to flake. It is very easy to overcook fish, and thereby ruin it. Don't do that.

Newbie has had a quiet day. He has not been his usual rambunctious self today. He has not been running around the house like a crazy person on steroids. He has been pretty chill all day. Good for him. He awaits me on the la-Z-boy chair around the corner from me. I will join him shortly.

I guess that is it for today. You guys have a good evening, enjoy TWD, and...

See you tomorrow.


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