Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Post 2609 - Tuesday

Hi.  Sorry I didn't write last evening. Monday night was all about helping Patricia print off some email attachments and scan them into after signing them and then sending back to the sender. We both nearly called off the engagement. Afterward, I was in no condition to write a blog post.

Tonight was a lot more pleasant.  We had dinner with our friend Dan Barton. We talked about all things radio, including the big Facebook blow up of 2014. I have got a lot of support from those posts from people who told me not to give up writing about radio.

It was never about not writing about radio again. I was just hesitant about writing opinions about radio. Interviewing folks? Sure? Reporting news? You betcha. But, writing about how women are often treated as laugh tracks? Maybe not. Even though women presently in the industry wrote me to give me an attaboy, they couldn't go public with it. They had to write me privately.  Which is fine.

Here. I will write some radio stuff now.

Scott Pottie is the new co-host to Floyd on Live 105. The morning show is now called "The Floyd Factor", and I am enjoying so far. Of course, Floyd could read the back of a cereal box and I would find it compelling. Not in a creepy way, I hasten to add.

I have met Scott, and he is a nice guy. I think they will prove to be a formidable team in the weeks and months to come. I wish them all the best. And be assured I will be listening on a regular basis. After all, I want to win one of those Zombie Survival packs.

Much further down the dial, at 92.9, is Jack FM. Their music is all over the place. Adele one minute. AC/DC the next. Then the Beatles. Apparently nearly anything that has been a hit recently or going back a long spell is potential fodder for this station. This evening I heard AC/DC's "Back  in Black". I thought I had heard that song not long before. I was right. It was the first song in the 7 o'clock hour on Q104 this morning, just before the Rant Line.

Remember when I discussed the Venn diagram last week that depicted the overlapping playlists on the Halifax radio stations? Of course you do. One of my less sucky posts so far this year. Well, turns out that Jack FM is going to be playing songs you can hear on Q104, Live 105, C100, Radio 965,  The Wave, and maybe even Energy 103 and The Bounce. Wonderful. One stop shopping.

Better news is that Griff and Caroline are back on the air, this time as morning hosts on Jack. I wish them all the best.

I also wish Lisa Paterson and Chris Lawrence the best as they cope with their sudden unemployment. Last week marked the first time Lisa had been fired from a radio station, after 21 or 22 years on the air. On the one hand, she was lucky not to have been let go from a station all these  years. On the other, it must be devastating for her, doubly so because her husband Jamie was let go from the same station 4 months ago. Two incomes to one income to no income. How would that feel to you?

The last piece of news is about an upcoming interview. I got a FB message from him an hour or so ago. I am to call him in the next couple of days to work out a time and a place and a date. This is with one of the deans of radio broadcasting in this city. I feel honoured that he is even sending me messages let alone agreeing to an interview. When we hammer out the particulars I will tell you who it is. Until then I don't want to jinx it.

I guess that's it for this evening. You guys stay warm and dry and comfortable.  i will see you tomorrow, unless Patricia needs me to help her with something else and we end up killing each other.


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