Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post 2616 - Halifax Radio News for Thursday March 13

A trusted source informed me in the last hour that my friend Neil Spence resigned from Live 105 on Wednesday, March 12, to take a job in the market at a competing station.

I do not know this, but I am guessing that Neil will be moving over to Radio 965.  I was told that Newcap had "a plan" for the morning show, and now the first piece of that plan may be falling into place. I reported on Tuesday that DD will become the new morning guy at The Edge in Toronto. Neil was on the air at Live today. I do not know if he will remain at Live through the end of ratings at the end of  April, or will leave that fine station around the end of March, just as Domink leaves Radio 965.

Neil is a great guy, and a broadcaster who has come into his own in the last couple of years. I have great respect for him. I know that whatever position he's taking at whatever competitor, he will own it and rock it and do it like nobody's business.  I wish him all the very best.

Now, who will take over for Neil at Live 105? Will  Evanov promote from within, or consider someone from another station or someone who's at loose ends at the moment? I do not know.  The position hasn't been posted yet, and hasn't even been vacated yet. Time will tell.

Of course, what I find out, I will pass along to you.

See you tomorrow.


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