Monday, March 17, 2014

Post 2619 - This And That

I am back in the city, having returned several hours ago.  it is past 10:30 and I should be turning in soon.

Newbie has been giving me the cold shoulder. He hid from me at my mother's this afternoon. It took the business end of a broom to coax him out from underneath the couch. He was not happy with me. If he had scurried downstairs to, say, my father's old workshop, then he might very well still be down there. Maybe he will try that next time.

Today was my mother's birthday.  She is 82 today. This was her first birthday in her nursing home. It still feels odd to refer to it that way. I still expect to see her at the house when I go down to visit. It took a good 2 years after my father died, to stop expecting to see him come around the corner into the living room and greet me with a big smile. It will take a while longer for me to get that thought out of my head about my mother. Her nursing home is her new home, and she likes it there. She gets her own room and bathroom, her own phone and cable, 24x7 support, meals covered, and so on. And she certainly has enough money left over to go to Frenchy's whenever she wants to.  We kids make sure she is well stocked in gift cards for Swiss Chalet or Boston Pizza or Wal*Mart. We want the remainder of her golden  years to be, well, golden. She's earned a good rest after all those years of hard work.

It was hard to come back today. There is much to be done here at my house in Halifax. There is also much to be done at my mother's. The days are not long enough here or there. Being responsible for more than one house is not my idea of a good time.

Let's see here. What else is going on? Sunday night, before another oddly-paced episode of The Walking Dead, I transcribed 3 audio files on the Courtney Amirault interview. Only 3 more audio files remain, but they are long ones. Obviously, it's too late to do any of that stuff this evening, but there is always my lunch hour tomorrow, and I will try to steal a bit of time before I turn in tomorrow evening.

The first half of the Don Connolly interview went swimmingly. I have to contact him soon and work out another get-together for the second half. I am also hoping to get some kind of tour of the CBC radio building. I was a guest on Maritime Noon in November of 1996. Last week was my first time back upstairs since then. CBC will be moving out of that historic building in the next 10 months or so. A new chapter and all that; but the people who have come through that building in the last 70 years would  be staggering if one took the time and went through the effort to compile such a list. I will be sure to get some pictures on my next visit and put them up here because I doubt if anyone else in the media will bother to be honest about it.

Earlier this evening I watched a movie called The Company Men, starring Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones and a bunch of other folks. It's about Affleck being affected by the big downsizing of the last few years and how he struggles to support his family after that. The big American movie about the American Recession has yet to be made, but this was a good start. I already knew this, but watching things like this reinforces it: I am lucky to have work. I am lucky to have been able to stay in Nova Scotia when an awful lot of my friends from university either could not or would not seek employment here. I like to think that my friends who moved to Ottawa or Toronto or whatever, have been happy with those career choices. It is too late for me to second guess my own decision, but things have more-or-less worked out for me. I just have to remember to count my blessings.

It's been a 3 day weekend. Back to reality, tomorrow.

See you, tomorrow.


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