Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Post 2620 - More Radio Stuff

I forgot to mention last week that Christina Fitzgerald, presently the mid-day person at Radio 965 in Halifax, has been named the new Program Director at that fine station. That means two positions are available there: Domink Diamond on the morning show, and Christina's. He won't tell me, but I am thinking that Neil Spence will be the new mid-day person and likely become the Music Director as well. Time will tell.

Congratulations, Christina! You have a very bright future ahead of you. I knew you when.

I got a Facebook message this afternoon from Alex J. Walling, the long-time radio and TV broadcaster. He asked for my number. I supplied it. And he called to congratulate me on this blog and on my efforts to document the local radio market. He says I write more about radio than likely anybody else in Atlantic Canada.

I'm guessing he's probably right. Frank Magazine reports on radio stuff, but often times it's things I have already discussed here. They have cited this blog on quite a few occasions and used pictures of local jocks from the blog as well, not always with attribution (harrumph!) . They also report on aspects of the market that do not interest me. They would not mention Christina's news. They might mention  Dominik's departure; they retweeted my post from last week about him.

All NS Dot Com also reports radio news. I may as well reveal that they occasionally call me to see if I have heard anything about this or that station, or this or that radio personality. Many times I have not heard anything. Maybe that's why they only call me occasionally.

People in the market quite often write me through Facebook or to my private email address  to give me hot poop on what's going on at their station. That's how I found out about Neil Spence's resignation from Live 105, and Domink's resignation from Radio 965, and the layoffs at  Rogers a few months ago.  They tell me these things knowing that I will not reveal my sources to anybody. I don't even tell Newbie.

So, yeah, I guess I do write more about radio than anybody else in  Atlantic Canada. My question, though, is: who does write more about radio than I do? I want to meet this person and read the stuff he's written. Do tell.

Alex J. Walling, thank you for the phone call and the many kind words you threw at me. Thank you for the quick anecdotes. I hope you spend some time reading the blog interviews and the other radio-related blog posts. You  have many, many hours of reading ahead of you. I hope that time is not wasted.

Been a long day. Time to turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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