Friday, March 21, 2014

Post 2622 - Friday Radio News

It is pushing 11pm. I am in my reclining chair with a laptop on the lap rest, and Newbie is waiting for me to finish so that he can curl up on my lap again. Soon, little buddy. Soon.

Sorry I haven't written very much the last few days.  Thursday night my body just kinda shut down on me. I feel better this evening.

Not much going on here. I have only 2 audio files left to transcribe in the Courtney Amirault interview. They are long ones, representing over 30 minutes of material. I will chip away it over the weekend and try to finish early next week.  Then I will finish my interview with Don Connolly and start work on that one.

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself. I never imagined that any jocks would ever want to sit down with me. I am not in the industry. I will never be in the industry. I just have this life-long interest in the medium and sheepishly approached Deb Smith. Gradually, I learned my craft and word got around that there was this weird guy going around interviewing people who were on the radio. I still sometimes wonder why they want to talk to me.

Oh, here's a bit of radio news. Kate Milton, Drive at The Bounce, is pregnant. She was a terrific interview for me in 2011. Congratulations, Kate. Er, K8!

Did you read Thursday's Herald story about how Seaside FM's request to move the Seaside FM antenna to Geizer's Hill has been temporarily thwarted by Newcap's intervention? Why would they do that? What do they have to gain, or lose, by intervening in this way, at this time? Could it be because, well, Newcap is contemplating another format change, or adjustment, so that its playlist more closely resembles what Seaside FM plays?  Hard to say. But my gut tells me that the person they hire to follow Dominik Diamond will represent change not just in the morning show, but for the station as a whole. A commercial version of "Seaside FM"?  Perhaps. But remember that we already had one "Lite" station in this market that didn't make it. Why would they try another?

Time will tell.

That's about it for tonight, folks.

See you tomorrow.

Now, Newbie, get your butt over here.


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scott s. said...

The reasons Newcap intervened on the Seaside are justified and I agree with them. Seaside has had many applications for something. That can raise alarms for the Commericals and the CRTC. There have been broadcasters in Canada getting into the Commerical FM game by getting in through the back door with a LPFM in a market. It's a sneaky way to do it.

I tend to think that's far from Seaside's agenda, Wayne wouldn't easily let that happen, but it's sending warning flags to Newcap. They also made a good point how the station was mainly for Eastern Passage and had slowly creeped towards the HRM and that wasn't the original goal. I'm surprised more Commericals haven't come down on him sooner. You're pushing to be on Geizer's now? I think that finally crossed the line with Newcap and if you want to play with the big boys, then it's a whole different situation altogether.

On the Seaside side of things, the 50+ crowd is a major hard sell to anything that would spend the $$$ on a radio buy. Sure, you'll get some, undeniably, but media buying agencies are very educated, they know what they want, and the demo they want. They've written off that demo for quite sometime. That can obviously vary depending on the market, and really what you are looking to achieve, but overall, it's a really hard sell.

As such, realistically, Seaside is really not a threat as it currently stands. If you flip format however, which probably concerns Newcap, that maybe a game changer. But again, their proposed power increase even on Geizers will not get the coverage Newcap or most of the Commericals have on Geizers.

If I was the CRTC, I'd give it to him and just let them all battle it out together on the air to stay on the air. To me, the Commericals have far too much influence on the public airwaves, given the move to radio automation in the last 20 years. That can certainly be a benefot for Seaside's for it's listeners. They can be very local oriented in some aspects.

Newcap flipping format with Radio 965? Probably not until fall if at all. If anyone flips and goes against Seaside, would be Evanov, given their success with their Jewel Formats in Ontario which are similar.

The market is rather cluttered with stations shooting for the ever demanded 25-54 demo of advertisers (and variations of that) that few really get good numbers in cume.

It will be interesting to see what the CRTC's decision is on the Seaside transmitter Move. Both Newcap and Seaside are right and have good points.