Friday, March 28, 2014

Post 2627 - Radio News

Welcome to  Friday, folks.

Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. I wasn't feel well last night. I pretty much lay down when I got home from work and didn't get up until this morning, except for a few trips to the young Bevboy's room. Is that TMI? I hope not. I feel I should share my news with you.

Speaking of news... I can now confirm a few things in local radio.

First of all, if you were listening to Radio 965 this morning, you may have heard Domink Diamond introduce a new character known as "Bev, the mis-informed goat". I have it on good authority that this was not a dig at me. Which is too bad, because being immortalized in that way would have been a gas.

Starting on March 31st, Neil Spence is the new morning guy at Radio 965. His co-host will be Chelsea Miller, with whom I am unfamiliar other than the fact that she once worked with Domink Diamond. Kate VenĂ¥s, meanwhile, moves to mid-days. I will speculate that as the mid-day person, that she will take on the added responsibility of Music Director at that fine station.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what Neil and Chelsea do with the morning show. I have been a Neil Spence fan since his days at K-Rock in New Minas. If he ever wants to exchange vocal cords with me, I'm game as I would love to have his voice. (I doubt he would want mine, so I'd have to sweeten the post somehow.) Now, he gets to put forth that voice and personality on a morning show, and I wish him all the very best. It is a well-deserved promotion. I know he will kick serious anus.

What else? Brad Legere is at least the interim Drive guy at Live 105, starting yesterday. I do not know whether he will be the permanent Drive person or not. If it were up to me, if Gary Tredwell were to ask my opinion, then I would heartily endorse giving Brad a chance. He is young and enthusiastic and deserves a chance. Besides, Brad contacted ME in December and asked for the honour of posing with me for a Christmas tie picture.  Brad, buddy, the honour was all mine!

This opens up Brad Legere's weekend shifts at Live 105. Whether he will work 7 days a week until that position can be back filled or if they hire someone else, remains to be seen. I suspect Brad will keep working those shifts until a permanent decision is made on who becomes the permanent Drive host.

I get a lot of comments from people on my radio-related posts. I am glad that someone is reading this stuff. So I will make this announcement yet again: I have many extra Bevboy's Blog business cards, and I am willing to mail a passel of them to anyone who is reading this post.

If you would like a dozen or so Blog business cards, which have the official Bevboy avatar plus information about the blog, then you can send me an email, including your mailing address, and I will send them to you, at no cost or obligation to you.  All I ask is that you pass the cards along to interested parties.

That's it for today, me hearties.

See you tomorrow.


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