Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post 2629 - Sunday

Hello, my 4.7.

I am back in the city. It is past 9:30, less than 30 minutes before the season finale to The Walking Dead.  AMC is otherwise a channel nearly devoid of entertainment once you subtract its original programming. I keep wondering why I subscribe to the channel when I only watch a couple of shows on it and ignore it 98% of the time. I guess I make too much money.

When I got back home, Newbie was initially aloof. But after dinner and after my shower, when I retired to the recroom for the evening, he plopped himself on my lap. I shooed him off just now to write this blog post. He is behind my chair waiting for me to shut down the laptop. Soon, buddy. Soon.

I drove back to the city during the freezing rain incident today. I have driven in far worse conditions than today's. Even so, when I got back home, Patricia greeted me as if I had just traversed the Bering Sea with a broken leg. Please don't tell her, but it really wasn't that bad. I will just let her think that so that I can get 30 seconds or so sympathy from her.  Our secret?

I will try to stay awake until midnight so that I can see both The Walking Dead and the talk show after it, called The Talking Dead. Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, is one of the guests tonight. In 3 seasons of the show, he has never been a guest, which makes me think this is beyond a pivotal episode for Rick Grimes. Will they kill off the poor bastard tonight?  Hard to say. I will know in just over an hour.

I will get up bright and early in the morning. I want to see what my buddy Neil Spence does on the Radio 965 morning show. Halifax morning radio is more interesting to me now than it has been in quite some time. I look forward to what Neil and Chelsea do on that fine station, starting tomorrow.

My show starts in 10 minutes. Time to give Newbie a snack to calm him the hell down.

See you tomorrow.


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