Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Post 2630 Tuesday


Sorry I didn't write last evening. It was one of those nights when I got home from work and slept nearly the whole night away. I woke up in time to watch The Black List and to call my mother before drifting off into the arms of Morpheus again.

(Actually, it was Morpheus' sister. I don't swing that way. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Driving to work today was great fun. We had more frozen rain last night and this morning. Schools were not cancelled but school bus service was. It meant driving even more gingerly than usual. This also meant that Patricia only yelled at me half the way to work today rather than the entire time.

It seems that the digits on my left side are rebelling, almost as if they were teenagers. I banged the little toe on my left foot last week. I amble around work in my sock feet sometimes to alleviate the discomfort in that toe, and because I can't afford shoes. And a couple fingers on my left hand are sore as well. I have no idea why. I haven't smashed them into anything in recent memory.

I was so proud of myself this evening. I have an ancient laptop that I use from time to time, including tonight. I had to use a pcmcia wireless card to achieve any online connectivity. I had purchased some wifi usb adapter dongles last year but only one of them worked with ubuntu, and even then the signal fluctuated more than Oprah Winfrey's weight during a Caribbean cruise. I used the pcmcia card and then stuck a smaller wifi dongle in a usb port. Then, I removed the card. Lo and behold, the signal remained. It had not worked before; I am guessing that the card somehow woke up the dongle, which doesn't make any sense to me either. This means I can use that card, or one of the three dongles that work under ubuntu. Two of them are wireless "N" compatible, so I get pretty good wifi on this really old machine. I know you don't care, but it is the simple victories in life that make it worthwhile for me.

I tell you these things because I literally know nobody who would give a crap that I got this wifi dongle working entirely on my own. Nobody in my family. Not Patricia. Nobody at my Toastmasters club. Nobody at my mother's nursing home. And the folks at my work would just look at me with a "But did you create that computer from scratch like I did when I was 8?" look that makes me whither and shrivel up into myself. So, tell you what. Just tell me you care about what I did in the previous paragraph. You can lie about it, but I will pretend that you are not, thus bolstering my self esteem for a short period of time. Do we have a deal?  Thanks.

There is not much else going on.  Newbie is crawling over me as if he were a child going through Ritalin detox. I think he wants to crawl on top of my lap and kneed my flesh until he draws blood. Good times. Good times.

See you tomorrow.


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