Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Post 2631 - Wednesday

I am home from Toastmasters. It is nearly 8:30. I am in my La-Z-Boy recliner with my feet up, tootsies dangling in such a way as to tempt Newbie to bite my toes off.

By the way, why is "La-Z-Boy" so hard to spell? I always have to look it up. Isn't the whole point of a brand name that it be easy to remember and easy to spell? Instead, it has two built-in hyphens and a capital z, which should mystify the frig out of anybody trying to learn the English language. Hell's wrong with some people?

This is the second to last day of my work week. I am off on Friday, but I will still go into work late in the morning to attend a farewell lunch for a guy who's leaving the provincial government to seek warmer climes in the... municipal government.  Ha ha.  No, really. That is not a set up for a joke.

The guy who's leaving us is scary smart. He would make other scary smart people sit at his feet and take notes. He knows everything. Literally, he knows everything. One time, I told him I was missing a sock from the latest round of laundry. He told me to look behind the washing machine, on the left hand-side, right up against the wall.

I did.

He was... right.

And, he has never been to my house.

That's how smart he is.

We will have a farewell lunch for him at Michael's on Young Street. Time was we always hied ourselves over to the Lion's Head Tavern on Young at Agricola. I never understood the appeal. The food tastes like ass, and the service is as indifferent  as any female was to me when I was growing up. I am guessing people got tired of the joint plus the much longer walk, deciding that Michael's is a much better choice, which it is.

So, I will drive in for the lunch, and then return home. I have to pick up some catfood for Newbie. Patricia is tired of feeding Cindy's gourmet cat food to him as it costs so much more and it is for, after all, Newbie. Patricia is as indifferent to Newbie as any male was to her when she was growing up.

Saturday is up in the air. We may do a day trip to the Valley that day, or stay back here and do some much-needed  Spring cleaning. It is the time of year for Patricia to throw out as much of my stuff as she can get away with, and for me to sift through that stuff  under cover of night and retrieve as much of it as I can get away with. What I cannot justify keeping will likely go to the landfill as things did 2 weekends ago. Of course, Patricia would never throw any of her things out. She is perfect.

What else is going on?  Tonight we began a new phase of Toastmasters meetings. We will meet on a bi-weekly basis going forward. First, third and fifth (if necessary) Wednesdays of the month. Wish us luck.

It is 8:45. I want to watch a documentary about the last witch of England. I misread the Lync message sent to me this morning. I thought it was a documentary about the last bitch of England, but I'm pretty sure that Queen Elizabeth II had daughters, so I am not sure if the subject of the documentary is therefore correct.  Then I re-read the Lync message and understood. Silly me.

See you tomorrow.


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