Friday, April 11, 2014

Post 2636 - This And That

Hello, folks. Welcome to the weekend.

Early Saturday morning, I will get up and drive to my mother's for the weekend. I have things to take care of down there.

I have been reading the many comments and hearing the feedback from Thursday's blog post. It seems if I lampoon myself to a high degree that it is a key ingredient to a successful blog post. Good to know.

Newbie is trying out some new cat food. Unlike the other stuff, he is eating this food. And it seems to have the side effect of making him even more hyper than he is by default. He has been vaulting through the recroom like an Olympic athlete. I can still take him. Watch me.

Watching the late news on Global television. I have become quite the Erin Trafford fan, especially since her days at News 95.7 filling in for Rick Howe and Jordi Morgan. She even had her own show there on the weekends.  Nice to see her do well.

Is Jill Chappell the new weather person there now? Has she left the morning show? If not, then I can only imagine how little sleep she would get between doing  the late show, going home for a very short period of time, then getting up and going in to do a 6am show. It is not the kind of schedule that anybody would want to work for any protracted period of time.

I wonder if I should drag Newbie with me tomorrow? If I leave him here, he will run around and knock things over. If I take him with me, he will run around and knock things over, only in my presence.

That's it for this evening. See you tomorrow.


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