Saturday, April 26, 2014

Post 2649 - Saturday

Hello. It is late at night yet again. I should go to bed soon. Sunday marks the dead before I return to work on Monday, so I really should get back to a regular schedule or else getting up at 5:30 Monday morning will kill me.

We went into Bayer's Lake today. Patricia wanted to get some stuff to paint the bathroom. After lunch at The Lower Deck in Clayton Park, we ended up at the Kent store. While Patricia was getting what she wanted, my eye was caught by the LED lightbulbs on sale. The 60 watt equivalent bulb was $6.99 following the various discounts offered by the province and by Kent. I ended up buying nearly $100 worth of bulbs and have already installed a couple of them in the house. Next weekend, when I am at my mother's, I will replace the two lights over her garage with led bulbs, which will save me quite a bit of money over their life time.

We returned to the house. I had every intention of adding a few hard drives to my home network but didn't get a chance as I fell asleep in my La- Z-boy chair. I finally got around this evening to adding a hard drive I got from a guy on Kijiji this week, to a hard drive enclosure I had laying around. Will try to put the other hard drives into service tomorrow.

What else is going on? We watched "Orphan Black" this evening. It is even more compelling and fun in its second season. The show on Space after that was about people who died and returned to life, but it was in French with English subtitles, so we bailed.

Newbie has been in a quiet mood the last couple of days. He was on the arm of the chair next to me a while ago, but is frig knows where now. He will want something to eat in a few hours and I will either get up and feed him, or get up and kill him. He's my buddy, so it will be the former, and he knows that. I sure would like it if he got me something to eat from time to time. But, no. It doesn't work that way.

I guess I will turn in. Busy day on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.


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