Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Post 2652 - Gordon Lightfoot

Hi. Back home from the Gordon Lightfoot concert.

What can I say?

Gordon Lightfoot is 75 years old. He has had horrendous health issues in recent years, some of which came thisclose to killing him. That he is able to get up and around let alone endure the rigours of a concert tour, is not much short of amazing. I hate to state these things. I really do.

The man's voice is shot. Notes that I could  hit if someone kicked me in the Bevboy's, were beyond his ability to reach. His voice would just disappear for those brief moments. Songs were barely muttered. The audience members had to sing along to provide any kind of context. It was barely above bad karaoke.

The show started promptly at 8pm. By 8:50, the show was half over. Lightfoot shuffled off stage to take oxygen or whatever. Patricia and I looked at each other and sighed and both of us wished that we could have seen him when he was in his prime.

There comes a time when people have to call it a day. They may want to keep working, but it is in their best interests to quit. I mean, Bob Dylan doesn't even sound like anything human. Bruce Springsteen doesn't so much sing as bellow. Anne Murray's voice was getting raspy, so she had the good sense to retire, but others just keep going on and on and on. There are so many other examples.

We didn't pay for tonight's tickets. We were in a sky box. We are glad to have been able to see a Canadian icon like Gordon Lightfoot. We just wish we had seen him when he was a younger guy, when his voice was working properly, and when his fans could walk away from one of his shows feeling satisfied, not vaguely ripped off.

Tomorrow is Thursday, but it is my Friday as I am off after tomorrow until Monday. Looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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