Sunday, May 4, 2014

Post 2655 - Sunday

Hi. It is past 10pm. I will turn in shortly.

When I got up this morning, I decided to install the lawn tractor battery in the lawn tractor. After I did that, I thought it was worth a try just to start up the lawn tractor, so I did that. Having started the lawn tractor, I thought it might be worth doing a rough cut of the lawn, so I did that, too.

I don't know how old the lawn tractor is. Dad had it for quite a few years before he died. As he got older, it was more and more difficult for him to push a gas-powered lawn mower around the property. I am guessing the lawn tractor is a good 12 years old. Somewhere along the way, the starter got messed up, and Dad did something or other with a screw driver to bypass something that somehow would start the lawn tractor. After his death, my sister and brother-in-law fixed the starter, which turned out not to be a big deal to fix, which makes me wonder why Dad didn't spend the few dollars necessary to accomplish the same thing. He also didn't make any effort to keep the battery going year after year. He would leave the battery in the lawn tractor in the garage all Winter long. No heat in the garage meant it would be really hard on the battery. Yet, year after  year, the lawn tractor worked for him.

Me? I put fuel stabilizer in the tank ever Fall. I remove the battery and store it in the house. In 2013, I bought a trickle charger and kept the battery hooked up to it on weekends when I was home; I probably could have just kept it set up continuously but didn't bother. Maybe it's all overkill on my part.

Anyway, I returned to the city mid-afternoon. I hooked up a new media player, a Roku Streaming Stick, to my HD tv and fell in love with it within minutes. There are literally hundreds of apps/channels to appeal to every possible genre or fetish or special interest. I will get a second one later on this week so that Patricia and I don't have to share.

One of the channels on the  Roku is plex, a client that will let me take a plex media server I have yet to create on my main desktop, and stream presumably all of the contents of my various network and shared drives. The Roku can read the contents of 2 network drives and play things that are in certain filetypes. I am guessing that a Plex Media Server can send anything to the client, and the client can play anything. I will find out sometime soon, after I set up the server. I will let you know how that works out for me, not that you care or anything.

It is nearly 10:30. Long day tomorrow.

See you then.


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