Thursday, May 8, 2014

Post 2659 - The Other Kind of PMS!

Calm, blue ocean. Calm, blue ocean.

There. Now, I feel better!

I just spent a couple of hours trying to get PMS working. That is short for Plex Media Server, which is a way to aggregate your media on your various external hard drives and so on, in such a way that those media are nicely indexed and presented for your viewing pleasure.

I am running Ubuntu here at home. I tried editing the sources.list file to add the Plex repository. However, every time I tried to save the file and update the repository list, I got an error message that the file was locked.  That happened over and over, despite what other things I tried. Finally, I decided to go to the Plex website and manually download the package that contained the Plex software. That worked.

After the download, I ran the package manager. I am delighted to report that this worked fine, and the server was successfully installed. I fired up my web browser and used the "localhost" url presented to me by the online guide I was using. Within 5 minutes or so, I had created an account in Plex. Not exactly easy peasy, but I have had to deal with far bigger pains in the anus than that. There is always another way to do anything in the world of computers.

Having created my account in Plex, I proceeded to create libraries, two of them, one for movies, and the other for tv shows. I figured out that the folder it was looking for was the locations(s) of said media files. I pressed "save" and expected that the server would go out there and find all the movies and tv shows I have on my 5 external hard drives.

Nope. Not so much. Both the movies and tv shows libraries indicate that there are zero entries. I KNOW that the hard drives have a lot of content on them.

I am clearly doing something wrong but I am frigged and fricasseed if I can understand what it is. All I know is that this kind of thing has happened to me on many occasions: I get so far on a problem and can get no further. I call it a day and look at it the next day and figure it out in 10 minutes. Just the way my brain works.

I see that "Plex Media Server" is rendered as PMS in a lot of camps. I am starting to understand why.

In other news, we went to a fish and chips place for dinner this evening. It is called Wilman's (sp.?) and has been a North end institution since 1946. We drove past it last year for the first time and said we'd go. We went tonight because Patricia saw what she thought was muppet babies jumping up and down on the sidewalk. They were holding placards exhorting people to call 454-0929. When she got to the car, I called that number. Patricia spoke to the person who answered the phone and learned that they were actually fish, and that the number was for this long-established fish and chips place.

We were hungry, so we decided to check it out. We are sure glad we did. The fish and chips we had were excellent. The menu has a lot of other things on it, and we can't wait to return to try out some of those other items. We also thought it sure would be great to live in that part of the city. I could walk to work. There is a lovely community out that way. And it is close to so many interesting restaurants and amenities that one would seldom need to leave it. It is something nice to think about. Ain't gonna happen.

Tomorrow night we are going to "Beer and Beethoven". It is held this year at the Halifax Forum, very close to my work. The media sponsor is Live 105, which is a modern rock concert. I hope you appreciate the irony. The MC is Courtney Amirault. There will be a blog interview with her sooner or later, but you will learn when you read it that her musical interests are extremely varied. She is a huge Classical Music fan and adores Beethoven. She will be in her element. Prior to the event, the three of us will be grabbing a quick bite at Michael's Bar and Grill. It will be a fun evening, and I am looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night in the same way I am not looking forward to facing "PMS" again. If you hear shouts of frustration from out this way, it is just me letting off some steam.

You guys have a good evening.  See you tomorrow.


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