Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Post 2663 - The Beer And Beethoven Story

I have been putting it off. I am not sure if it is even a story worth telling. But I have been teeing it up so here it is.

First of all, it was a wonderful evening. My friend Courtney Amirault was the Master of Ceremonies, and she did a great job. I still wonder why a modern rock station would be the official media sponsor for this event, but some things are not ours to wonder why.

Courtney had 7 tickets she could give away. Nobody at the station wanted them. I sent an email to 89 people at my work offering the tickets. Within an hour they were all spoken for. It was too late for me, because I had already shelled out 90 dollars of my own money to buy tickets for Patricia and me. I didn't mind supporting Symphony Nova Scotia at all.

Patricia and  Courtney and I had dinner beforehand at Michael's.  The arrangement was that the people at my work who wanted the tickets would drop by and pick them up from Courtney. This was done for the first two sets of tickets, but one guy asked me to leave his tickets at his work desk and he would pick them up. Michael was returning to work and had got 3 tickets and I asked him to drop those tickets off. He kindly agreed.

Anyway, we had our dinner. Courtney had to bolt to prepare for her evening's activities. Patricia and I sauntered up to the Halifax Forum, which is very close to my work, there to pick up the tickets that I had paid for a few days before. Easy peasy. Patricia even bought me a Beer and Beethoven t-shirt. Thank you, dear.

We got the tickets, which were general admission the same way that the ones we had given away earlier had been. We asked the ushers and were told where we could sit. There were other corporate sponsors. Those tables had free food all night long, and maybe even free beer.

Two of the sets of people getting tickets from Courtney showed up and sat down with other general admissions folks. The last guy, however, having picked up the tickets at his work, informed the same ushers that he had got the tickets from someone at Live 105, which was truthful. He was then escorted to the official Live 105 table. Throughout the evening he was part of the chuckwagon of people who got free food.

Let's back up for a moment. He gets free tickets. He sits at the media table. He gets free food. He meets Courtney.

This fellow lives a charmed life. I told Patricia what happened, and she was not happy. After all, I had paid for the tickets and had to sit at the back of the bus, while my colleague and friend got to sit in first class at no cost to him. I thought it was funny, and I still think it is. Maybe it is the irony associated with the situation I just described. Maybe it was because of Patricia's reaction to it all. Maybe it was because it had been a long day and I was tired. But I still think this it is amusing to note that he got all these benefits at no cost, and a paying customer like me didn't. Hee hee.

Several days later, I can't help but chuckle at this story. But, mostly, I had a good time. The music was fun and frivolous and the place seemed to be a near sell out. It is all good.

So, that's the story. I am sticking to it.

More in a bit.


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