Monday, May 19, 2014

Post 2668 - Monday

Hello, my friends.

It is past 10:30. I will turn in after 24 is over.

I return to work in the morning. Another 4 day weekend is behind me. I did some housework this weekend but not enough. There is always work to be done around here. Sigh.

You will recall that on Thursday night after work that I purchased a couple external hard drives from a fellow on Kijiji. The 250GB one was installed in the Probox 4 bay external hard drive enclosure, and it works very well. The unit presently houses 2, TB drives, a 500GB drive, and the afore-mentioned 250.

The 500GB drive I bought from Buddy was physically smaller and did not fit in the enclosure. So, this evening I took the hard drive I got for free from a former neighbour and opened it up. I took out the existing memory and replaced it with some ram a guy at work gave me last year. Then, I figured out how to add the second hard drive. To do that, I had to unplug the multidrive because there were only 2 power cords in the unit. Can you buy those little red cables somewhere?

Anyway, the second hard drive is in there and works fine. The memory has been doubled. And the computer has a new lease on life, what with 820GB of storage in it now. Even today, new desktop machines seldom come with more than a 1TB hard drive. And the total cost was 30 bucks. I'm happy. And the 250GB drive was a mere 10 bucks. I'm even happier.

Every time I figure out something like this on my own, it reinforces the perception I have that I am not quite the dummy that some people thought I was back in a much earlier period of my life. Heck, when I got the job I have now, a close relative said to my mother, "What if Bev can't do the job?" To which I would reply, "Screw you! Go back to your job at Wal*Mart rearranging ladies' wear. At least you can handle that!"

What else is happening? Well, Patricia returns to the city on the morrow. She has been using my car for the last few days, and I can't say I have missed driving very much. It has been a nice break. But, back to reality tomorrow.

You guys enjoy the rest of your evening. See you tomorrow.


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