Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Post 2670 - Radio News

I found out this news on Tuesday, but didn't have a chance to report it here last night because I was too busy enjoying the "Safety Last!" blu-ray.

Curtis Bray, the Program Director at 89.3 K-Rock in New Minas, informed me yesterday that the new K-Rock morning show, to begin mid-June, will consist of Becky Tucker and ... Mr. Bray, who will remain PD at that fine station in addition to being the morning show co-host.

I do not know much about Ms. Tucker. I just know that she does the evening shift 6-10pm at the Hot 92.3 in Fredericton. She looks young enough to be my, um, step sister, so I would gather that she doesn't have as many years of experience in the industry as, say, Brian Phillips or Don Connolly.

I have to wonder, though: by hiring such a young co-host, does that signify anything regarding a format change at K-Rock? The K-Rock station in Charlottetown went bye-bye a couple, three years ago, and became a station much like the Hot 92.3. I don't want to start rumours or make my friends at K-Rock feel vulnerable, but once again, I am left wondering about these things because I feel that is part of my role: to report and comment on developments in the Halifax and Valley radio markets. I shouldn't do one, without doing the other.

Anyway, my very best to Becky Tucker as she takes on this new radio challenge.

In other news, I see that Sheldon MacLeod is the new afternoon news anchor at News 95.7. I had heard about this a few weeks ago, but sat on the news because I wasn't sure if he had told his bosses at Newcap Halifax about it. Mr. MacLeod has big shoes to fill, as he follows Scott Simpson in that role.

Do I have to state it? Really? Okay. My very best to Sheldon MacLeod in his new role.

Also, Jonathan Muma has left News 95.7. I blush to admit that I have heard the name of his replacement on that fine station, but it is not coming to me at the moment. I will follow up and report here because I know you care, and I also know it is a thrill for these folks to see their names mentioned on my blog.

With all the hiring that News 95.7 has been doing lately, I am going to conclude that they won't be switching formats any time soon. They will not be "refreshing their schedule" any time soon, either. It's funny because their idea of "refreshing" something is my idea of "firing a bunch of people and cancelling local programming in favour of bringing in crap from Toronto". YMMV, of course.

And, finally, my thanks to Andrew Douglas at Frank Magazine for quoting pieces of my  Gordon Lightfoot concert review from a few weeks ago. It was a horrid concert that would have been improved if the sound had been cut off. Lightfoot did not sing so much as mutter. And if a woman in stilettos jumped up and down on my balls for 5 minutes, then I could hit some of the notes he could not. As I wrote before, I am glad that the tickets were free.

You guys have a good day.  See you tomorrow.


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