Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Post 2676 - Wednesday

Hello again, my friends.

I am enjoying another record-breaking lunch hour. I ate 2 more fishcakes that Patricia prepared over the weekend. They tasted even better today than they did on Monday and on Sunday. I guess they're like a fine wine until they go bad and stink up the joint.

I have a thing after work this evening, but it is not Toastmasters, and it doesn't start until 7. And it's in Dartmouth. My god. Dartmouth. I was only in that fine, tine town last month. Already I will be back there. I am convinced that Dartmouth exists only to hold up the other side of the Macdonald and MacKay bridges, and to give the ferries some place to go.

BTW, I did not misspell the name of the first bridge in the previous paragraph. There are clans of "MacDonald's" where the initial "d" is not capitalized. I have always wondered if that unusual spelling signified something. And are there "McDonald's" where the initial d is kept in lower case? The things I think about!

So, Patricia and I went to the Live Hive event at Live 105 on Monday. I booked off 2 hours of vacation for that, and she did something similar. We got there in plenty of time. We both had to produce identification to prove we were who we said we were. I am guessing they do that to prevent some woman from walking in off the street and saying she is the Bev who won tickets to the event.

For some reason, the show didn't start until 3:30. But I can now reveal that the Live Hive event featured The Trews. Well, a brace of the Trews. The Twoes, if you will. They did a few songs from their newest album. Between each song, Courtney Amirault would pose questions to the guys pursuant to the upcoming song. She later told me that if "In the Morning" had been on the playlist, she would have allowed me to ask a question about the song. It features Serena Ryder and is only the best song in the history of the world. Check it out.

You're welcome.

I looked but can't find a performance of the song that has Ms. Ryder in it. I will keep looking.

After it was over, I had a chance to meet the guys and my Gary Tredwell got pics of me posing with them. I will put them up here once I download them from my camera.

Patricia and I went to pick up her car. I tried to pick up some magazines given to me to give to my mother, but wires at my end got crossed, so I had to wait until Tuesday after word to do that.

I meant to mention this last week, but for the first time since I have been living in my house, I no longer have the movie channels. The cost kept going up, and the films and tv shows we liked kept going down. Netflix has so much more and is far, far cheaper. We are saving 40 dollars a month now. We will probably drop more channels in the coming months.

No, I still haven't seen "Orphan Black" from this past weekend. Don't tell me what happens.  Deal?

No, I mean it. Deal?

There is not much else to report. You guys have a good day, and I will see thee on the morrow.


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