Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post 2677 - Radio Ratings

I can't write too much about the radio ratings this time around. I have only been able to find one page that contains rolled-up results. I don't know anything about demographics, and I don't know anything about dayparts.

But it sure does look like CBC One is kicking serious arse, with some 18 percent of the market. That is far and away better than anyone else's ratings. Once again, I am left wondering why PD's rag so hard on the CBC. Their ratings are excellent, it is done with very little traditional advertising, and I can only think it has to do with jealousy. CBC has lots of news and sports and weather, while the private stations mostly see news as something that gets in the way of playing more sets of music. When will PD's admit that the CBC is doing a lot of things right? Probably never. It would cost money to re-institute all the spoken word content they jettisoned 20 years ago.

Some people interpret some ratings at some stations having gone down. Meanwhile, people at those stations refute those assertions. It is all very hard on my little head. So, when Live 105's ratings seem to have gone down, and this is agreed to by their GM, I guess that does mean the ratings have diminished somewhat.

All NS Dot Com is reporting that Q104 is down a bit. Meanwhile, Bobby Mac is stating they're number one. See what I mean?

I haven't given up. I will keep trying to find out more information about the ratings. And I will report it all here.

See you tomorrow.


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