Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Post 2680 - Some Housecleaning

First of all, I am sorry I didn't write on Tuesday. You can assume that any day I don't write something, it was because I wasn't feeling well. That was the case last evening.

Please direct your vision to the Bevboy avatar to your right. I have changed the label from "My ears! My beautiful ears!" to one that states that anything I write about on my blog does not reflect the thoughts, opinions, wishes or bowel movements of my employer. I had been thinking about adding that disclaimer for some time, certainly since last summer when those firefighters in Toronto got canned because they posted tweets from their personal twitter accounts that were perceived as misogynistic. Which is a word I spelled correctly the first time (but I misspelled "correctly"!). In fact, they were quoting from an episode of South Park, a show I used to watch with near Calvinistic verve.

What happened to those guys last year was nothing short of disgusting. To be parted from one's job because of an immature bleat on social media, on your own time, using your own account and computer and brain and fingers, is beyond the pale. I fear it is the thin edge of the wedge, though. I think you will see people be fired because they voted the "wrong" way, or are members of a fetish club, or reveal online that they are ill without revealing said information to their employer first. You are not paranoid if someone is out to get you.

I have been careful, to the point of meticulousness, not to write directly about what I do for a living. My last name appears only rarely. I freely exaggerate my work place, and if I use the names of my friends at work, it is first names only. All done on purpose, and for a purpose.

Long-time readers will recall that I have taken passionate stances on several issues, any of which could land me in some hot water if the wrong people read them when they were in the wrong mood. You can probably think of what some of those posts are. I sure can. Adding the disclaimer to your right should go a long way to protect me. Should.

In other news, I am still looking around for radio ratings news. Just keep in mind, my lovelies, that such information is very hard for me to come by. I do know that the folks at Bell Media were very happy with the ratings of both C100 and The Bounce. I saw that Bobby Mac was stating Q104 was number one. The Evanov stations were down, Energy 103 moreso than Live 105 (which sucks because I am liking the station more and more). Griff and Caroline were very happy with Jack FM's ratings. Bill Hart was happy with how The Wave made out.

The numbers I get to see are rolled up to show the overall rating of the station. If the morning show is kicking arse, and the drive home show is in a ratings free fall, those ratings are averaged out to result in the number I have access to. This does not tell the full story, because the morning show did great and the drive home show didn't. The ratings breakdown is what I would like to see, but won't because I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on such things.

It has been demonstrated time and again that a station whose ratings decline on an ongoing basis will consider and implement changes. I have already heard whispers from a couple of sources that some changes are being considered at a few stations in this market. Time will tell.

In the radio business, they always live in interesting times.

Finally, Mike Duffy (yes, that Mike Duffy) sent me an email yesterday spelling out the amount of profit for every station in Canada. How neat that the stations that are at the top of the ratings, made the most money.

Time to get back to transcribing the Don Connolly interview!

See you tomorrow.


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