Thursday, June 5, 2014

Post 2681 - Thursday

It is late on Thursday evening. I have spent far too much time watching the news out of Moncton. They haven't caught the cop killer yet, but I know they will, dead or alive.

I am off on  Friday. As far as I know, we are going to the cottage in the morning. We were to go there this evening because the lawn tractor needs to be maintained and we had booked someone to show up Friday morning. However, Sears left us a message today saying they no longer provide that kind of support on their products, at least the ones whose warranty has expired.

Patricia got on the ameche and called Sears. They repeated what we had heard on the machine. Patricia, nearly apoplectic, said she would never do business with Sears again. Which in my opinion is a long overdue decision. I have disliked the attitude at Sears for a long time now. They don't care about their customers once they have taken their goods out the door. Their customer support was outsourced to a country that has no vowels in its name. And their prices are competitive in the same way that I am a 12 year old school girl. There are reasons why companies like Sears are struggling, and not all of them have to do with lower prices offered by American companies that come up here. Frig Sears.

Nobody has taken me up on the invitation to send me selfies of themselves reading my blog. However, I did run into Griff and  Caroline on my way back from coffee this morning. Griff said he couldn't send me a selfie because he reads my blog while sitting on the toilet, and Caroline said she doesn't have a webcam or something. Hey, Caroline: I have several spare webcams and I will give you one.

The offer is still out there. Take a picture of yourself with my blog on a computer screen also in the image. I will come up with amazing prizes and mail them to you. They will knock your socks/knee highs off.

A bit of radio news. I learned today that Kate Venås was let go from Radio 965 last week. Let's see if I can keep this straight. The former KOOL FM disappeared last August in time for the ratings book. They had let Griff and Caroline go and hired Domink Diamond and Kate Venås to do the morning show under this new format that I have never fully understood. By the end of March, Dominik was gone and Kate Venås was moved to mid days. Neil Spence and Chelsea Miller formed the new morning show. And the last part of the grand experiment went away when Kate Venås was let go last week. How sad.

As you might expect, I wish her all the best in her future endeavours. I know she will land on her feet.

Now, do you still wonder why I never went into radio? Wanna hear another story?  Okay!

A radio friend told me this story a few years ago. A guy at a Canadian radio station was very well-liked. He was fun to work with. The station needed to construct a new studio. The cost of this new studio was about the same as this fellow's salary.

So they fired him.

What? Another story? Okay, but this is the last one.

CIGY was an FM station in  Calgary. They went on the air about 6 years ago, and went through formats the way I go through socks, only they change formats more than I change my socks. Don't judge me. Finally, probably with a degree of exasperation, in 2011 they decided to rebrand the station one more time to become CHUP-FM, playing adult hits. They called themselves up! 97.7.

My point? In order to achieve this upbeat format, they fired every single damn on air person they had and hired all new on air staff who presumably were more upbeat than the folks they replaced. I can only imagine how dirge-like they must have been on the air such that they could not be deemed acceptable to move over to this new format. Right.

In radio, you are here today and gone later today. I like a little bit more stability in my life. I would imagine that you do, too.

Do you still wonder why I didn't go into radio?

You guys have a good evening. I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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