Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post 2684 - Sunday Evening

Hi. It is pushing 11pm. I should have been in bed a good hour ago. But I have been spending time fiddling and farting around with Plex. I had turned off the desktop machine on Friday before going to the cottage. This evening, I booted it up and all of a sudden, several hard drives could not be found or mounted. What a great time I had getting that working. I finally removed some entries from fstab, and then the disks mounted. Wonderful.

Anyway, we got back a few hours ago. It was a 2 hour drive. Newbie meowed nearly all the way from the cottage to the front door of the house. I don't know if he thought he was going to be cremated or what. All I know is that Patricia and I had our patience sorely tested. Meanwhile. Cindy Clawford was positively serene, as if she were deliberately trying to show up Newbie. Which maybe was her intention all along.

The lawn at the cottage has been partially mowed. We had to get a new battery for the lawn tractor on Saturday; but Friday was about getting our handyman friend to build 2 ramps in the shed, one to get the lawn tractor from the old part of the shed to the new part, and the other ramp to get the lawn tractor outside where it can do its thing.

The weather didn't cooperate until this morning, when it was barely dry enough to venture outside and attempt to mow. Patricia reported that the grass was still plenty wet. It will be even that much longer the next time we are down, in a couple of weeks.

While Patricia was out mowing, the so-and-so next door was out doing the same thing. You will recall that he is the cretin who owns the ATV and takes great delight in terrorizing the neighbours therewith.

It is back to work tomorrow. Even 3 day weekends go by too quickly. I take pleasure in knowing that I have a vacation coming up at the end of July.

See you tomorrow.


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