Friday, June 13, 2014

Post 2688 - Weekend Plans!

The weekend's here! The weekend's here!

In but a very short period of time, Patricia and I will drive down to the Valley. We want to be able to wake up down there tomorrow morning so that we can participate in Port Williams Days.

Every year during this sacred event, there is a village-wide yard sale. A staple since 2000, I have not missed a one.  I have picked up some excellent deals including the latest carrier Newbie uses and the camera base in which I keep my camera and camcorder. Yes, I keep my camera in a camera bag, which in turn is in a bigger camera bag. Overkill? Maybe. But I want to keep the camera for as long as possible.

The weather forecast doesn't sound pleasant, but I have participated in the yard sale in years when the weather was even more frightful, and ended up getting some good stuff.

Every year I prepare a short list of things I would like to buy. This year's list is short and sweet.

1. Random hand tools. If I can find an ice cream container full of screwdrivers, I will likely get them. If I see a pail full of wrenches I will push a bunch of old ladies out of my way to get them.

2. GE clock radios. The really old ones from 30+ years ago and the faux wood grain finish. They are not hard to find and have excellent sound quality. If I only had GE clock radios I'd be a happy Bevboy.

3. A camcorder. Digital. Preferably with a hard drive. Ha ha ha. Well, stranger things have happened.

4. SATA hard drives. If I can get one of a decent capacity for not too mucho dinero, I will.

5. Hard drive enclosures. For those special moments.

Of course, part of the fun is finding cool stuff at a great price that you can definitely use and didn't know you would need it until you actually saw the thing. Several years ago I bought a coat rack which I gave to my parents. After my father died, I took it out to the garage, where it sits to this day. I keep construction hats on it and a pair of coveralls. I can run around looking like one of the Village People any time I want.

I have bought a couple of broadcast spreaders.I offered one to my father, but he said no. I took it to my house in the city, where it still sits in my shed. The second one I likely bought after Dad died, because it is in the garage, waiting to be used.

What else? Well, several radios. In 2001, I got a GE table top radio for 3 bucks. It is the radio I keep in the garage. It has worked flawlessly for all these years. And in 2002 I bought a much rattier GE table top radio for 50 cents. The battery compartment was corroded from a set of batteries that had been in there and leaked. The radio was scuffed up and had flecks of white paint on it, likely having been used on a work site for some time. I suppose I could have learned how to solder and reattach the battery compartment or even bought a new one for 1 dollar or so, but I didn't want to spend any more money on it. A mere 12 years later I still have it, and it still works fine, for what it is. It is in the basement at my mother's. I'm sure there have been other radios, but once again, I am mostly interested in GE clock radios of a certain vintage and form factor.

I will do my best not to buy things I will not use or find useful. I have done that too many times in the past.

It is time to rev the engine and pile in the car. I will tell you all about my purchases on the morrow, so see you then!


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