Saturday, June 14, 2014

Post 2689 - What I Got

Hi. It is past 11pm. I have had a busy day.

Despite what I wrote in last night's blog post, we decided not to drive to the Valley Friday night. We drove up this morning and arrived in Port Williams by 7:50 or so. The weather wasn't very nice; lots of people stayed home and lots of residents opted not to sell off their crap.

I did find a few things. A woman was selling a ton of older local history books. I got more than half a dozen, for a dollar apiece. A few of these books are long since out of print and would cost me far more than that to buy at any of the specialized used book stores in town, assuming I could find them in the first place.

I picked up a bag full of hinges for 2 bucks.

I bought a shortwave radio for 5 bucks.

I purchased a couple of cd's.

I acquired some tupperware.

I grabbed a combo dvd/vcr for 10 dollars. The same model player I already have at my mother's.

Munchies. Got some munchies.

Geez, what else?

Patricia got a couple of books, one about bird watching. She got some tupperware. A couple stoppers you put in opened bottles of wine. Something for her camera. Some other stuff that I can't remember at the moment.

In the afternoon, we went to  Guy's Frenchie's in  Coldbrook. For less than 2 dollars I found the type of GE clock radio that I like. From there, we went to visit my mother. I had yet another bag of magazines to give her. She was happy to get them but was dropping some hints about books. I think she wants to read a few of my books, novels, thrillers, whatever. I will find something suitable for her to read the next time I see her.

We then drove to the Noodle Guy place in Port Williams. We had some noodles and TAN coffee. We both like the place. The man who owns the place, Ross Patterson, is the brother to Steve Patterson, who is the host of The Debaters on CBC Radio. Just so you know.

While there I happened to notice a woman leaving the place. I recognized her. I ran out to her car before she left and tapped on the window. She recognized me as well. Turned out to be Ronda, who was a member of my Toastmasters club some 20 years ago. I would never forget her.She spells her name with no "H", and her last name is one that is very uncommon in Canada.

We got caught up on her recent life events. She is involved in a not-for-profit school that just moved to Port Williams from Wolfville.

It was nice to see Ronda again. I hope I see her again before too very long.

Anyway, we returned to my mother's place. The rain had held off long enough for the grass to be relatively dry, so I seized that opportunity to mow the lawn, which it desperately needed. Looks much better now.

We returned to Port Williams one last time, this time to grab a meal at the annual Port Williams community supper. I saw some people there I only seem to run into there year after year.

From there we went to Blomidon Nurseries in Greenwich. While Patricia shopped, I got some gas across the street. I drove back and we returned to the city.

We got home around 7:30. I have spent the last few hours with my feet up and watching HD stuff. The season ender of "Orphan  Black" will be next week, and I will be on the edge of my seat after tonight's episode.

It is now past 11:30, and I have had a crazy long day. I think I will turn in and sleep for 12 hours or so.

See you tomorrow.


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