Monday, June 16, 2014

Post 2691 - Radio News

Wayne Harrett has outscooped me again. Grr. If you want the latest and greatest radio news, check out the "On the Air" Facebook page. You'll be glad you did.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report as well that Lisa Blackburn has landed a job as a Casual Web Writer/Editor for the CBC. As I understand the role, she will be producing online content for the voracious maw which is the CBC news website. It is just for the summer, hence the "casual" part of the job title. But Lisa informed me that she is also recording a demo with the CBC, who may elect to put her on the air.

I know. It seems silly for the CBC to give someone a demo to see if she is a good enough broadcaster to go on the air, when in fact she has oodles of experience as an on air newsreader already. The only defense for it from my POV  is that it seems to be the way they always do things, and also the broadcast style of the CBC is markedly different from private radio. CBC news delivery is slower and more deliberate. In private radio, if they have news hits at all, it is mostly about blurting out the stories as soon as humanly possibly so they can get to the sports reports, weather and back to the latest long set of music that people allegedly want to listen to.

Please don't get me started about the state of radio news these days. It would just upset me and take away from the joy I feel in telling you that Lisa Blackburn has a job in the media again, if only for the Summer.

Congratulations, Lisa Blackburn!!

Special second blog post later on today. Watch for it!


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