Thursday, June 19, 2014

Post 2693 - Thursday

Hello, my lovely 4.7. How are you doing this evening?

I didn't write on Wednesday because I took a sick day then. As per my policy, I do not blog on days when I am off sick. Sorry about that.

There is not much to report. I continue to slog away at the Don Connolly interview. I had to postpone the interview with Neil Spence and Chelsea Miller from this evening due to my lingering illness. I think I still meet with Ron Roberts next week, but that could change. I don't want to keep putting off that one. The man is 81 years old.

Plex has been bedevilling me of late. I add programs to one of the hard drives that contain TV shows. I press the library refresh button in Plex. It goes through the motions of looking for new shows to index. And it doesn't find all the stuff I've added. Very perPLEXing. Ha ha.

The thing in common are the 4 hard drives in the Probox. Sometimes the application just doesn't pick up changes made to them. Meanwhile, things I've added to the stand-alone external hard drives seem to be picked up with much less hassle. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or if there is something particular about Plex and multi-bay hard drive enclosures that it either doesn't like, or whether I have uncovered a bug in the application. I am presently moving some files from one of those 4 hard drives to one of the stand-alone drives to see if my theory is correct. If it is correct, I will have to figure out what, if anything, I can do about it. It sure doesn't make any sense to me. Wish me luck on this. It is the little things that should work and don't that cause me the most consternation. It is probably that way with you as well.

In other news, the front steps and back deck to my house will be replaced sooner rather than later. And we need to replace two of the steps on the side steps, if that makes any sense. We got the estimate this afternoon, which included replacing the back deck with a make shift one until we can afford to put in the deck of our dreams. It is not a pretty number. Let's just say that getting a newer car is no longer on the horizon, and that it is a good thing we have Netflix, because it is about the only entertainment we will be able to afford for some time.

In a smidge of radio news, there is talk that a certain broadcaster at a certain Halifax station may call it a day in the coming months. It is a rumour. I cannot substantiate it. But I think this person will announce the departure in a way that works for that person, so my asking the person directly will likely not result in an answer that I can pass along to you. But what the frig? I will likely ask the person anyway.

On that mysterious, cryptic, even conspiratorial, note, I bid you a pleasant evening.

See you tomorrow.


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