Friday, June 20, 2014

Post 2694 - Tim Bousquet's New Venture

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Friday night.

Tim Bousquet, about whom I have written before, has finally announced what his latest journalistic venture will be. It is an online journal called The Halifax Examiner. I don't quite understand some of the guts of it, but there is a semi paywall. A permeable paywall, if you will. There will be free content, but also stuff you pay for.

I signed up on Thursday. I mentioned it on my Facebook. In short order, at least two other FB friends signed up, and Niki Jabbour shared my post with her multitude of FB friends.

I have high hopes for his enterprise. Every city needs at least one media outlet run by a guy who doesn't  mind skewering public figures and calling things the way he sees them. Tim (along with Frank Magazine when it is not focusing on whose house costs the most, or who's graduating from law school this year) is that person, and the Halifax Examiner is that outlet. It will be a place where he focuses on his strength, which is long-form pieces that you can't find anywhere else about subjects that other media outlets can't or won't report.

As you might recall, it is my opinion that it was entirely due to Tim's efforts in writing his long piece about the death of my friend Holly Bartlett that A) got the Halifax police service to agree to re-open the case; and B) got CBC's the Fifth Estate to cover this mysterious case. There is a good chance that my friend was murdered. Thanks to Tim's efforts, she may now achieve justice.

I can hardly wait to see what Tim Bousquet has up his sleeve.

If you are a fan of long-form journalism, and want to support Tim's efforts, then by all means go over to the website and subscribe. Best 10 bucks you will spend every month.

And, it doesn't hurt that Tim is a semi-regular reader of this blog. He didn't get my 4.7 reference when I ran it past him, but maybe he can work his way up to being one of them.

Frigging Toastmasters thing on Saturday. Maybe Tim can write an article about how time-sucking this organization can be. One can hope.

See you guys tomorrow.



Unknown said...

5.7 now, buddy.


Bevboy said...

Having fun, yet?