Saturday, June 21, 2014

Post 2695 - Saturday

It is now Saturday evening. I am long since home from my Toastmasters Training Leadership Institute. And I survived.

I was not concerned about surviving the actual training. Just getting there. After all, it was in Dartmouth. I am trying to think of  time I have driven through Dartmouth and didn't get lost or take the wrong turn, or miss a turn off because the road sign was missing or in microscopic print.

Anyway, we got there a bit early. And, as in keeping with these events, it ran a good 15 minutes over. TM is all about running good and effective meetings, yet their own training sessions invariably run over.

At any rate, we drove back to the correct side of the harbour. I drove Helen, my car mate, back home, and then returned to my home. I was beat after having got up so early on a Saturday morning, so I collapsed in my easy chair for a couple of hours.

I went upstairs and saw Patricia watching the Space marathon of season 2 of Orphan Black. In just over an hour, the second ender will be on. We can hardly wait.

And, in other news, aspects of Plex continue to confuse me. I shared some media folders with someone at work yesterday. He was unable to access them. When I got home I discovered that the drives that contained those folders were unmounted. I re-mounted them, and all was well. But I don't understand how drives just unmount themselves.

And, sometimes, when I update some of the hard drives with fresh content, Plex doesn't discover that content unless I do some reboots and remounts and pray a little bit. As an experiment, a few days ago I moved some media files to a hard drive that has always been Plex friendly, and the app that could noticed them right away. A hint on a web page yesterday said something about how certain drives that are formatted in a certain way are not as accommodating to Plex for some reason. Sure enough, the drives that are giving me a hard time are all formatted that way. This will likely mean backing up all the media content, reformatting the drives the way they "should" be, and then copying stuff back again. This can take a few days at usb 2.0 speed rates. That will be a last resort. I'm experimenting with a forced refresh after moving a media file to one of those afflicted hard drives. The name of the media file? It is the pilot  episode of... "The Last Resort". Irony.

When computers work, they really work. When they don't, they really don't, and it seems no force on earth can get them to do what you want them to. They're like women.

Anyway, since I haven't had my fill of frustration for one day, I will sign off and monitor this system refresh. Should be a good time.

See you tomorrow.


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