Sunday, June 22, 2014

Post 2696 - Sunday

Well, I wish I could state that I did a lot today. Instead, I slept in late. After breakfast, we watched some episodes of season two of "Orange is the New  Black" on Netflix. We dropped the movie channels a month or so ago, and Netflix has ably taken their place. The 40 bucks or so we save every month can go to arm candy.

Being Sunday and all, I required a nap the middle of the afternoon while Patricia continued to watch the show. This evening I watched a few more episodes but she is likely still an episode ahead of me.

It is back to work in the morning. Why is it that weekends are in a different space/time continuum and flash by, while Mondays are slower than a postal worker on Valium walking uphill in 200 lb boots full of molasses? Maybe the scientist who studies the relative speeds of ketchup dispensers should concentrate on that little conundrum.

Anyway, it is a short work week for me. Friday I'm off. Yay.

Can you keep a secret? Are you sure? Okay. Well, at my work, we have a huge whiteboard in the hallway leading from the entrance to a bunch of work stations, to the kitchen. From time to time someone writes some wise point or asks an upbeat question such as "Who or what was the greatest influence on your life?"  People scrawl their answers on the board; they take these answers very seriously, and I am often moved by their sentiments. But just to be a wise guy, and because I truly believe it, I always write "my hair" as an answer to every one of these questions. It always seems to fit somehow. Saves thinking.

I guess that's it for this evening. See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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