Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post 2698 - Tuesday

It is late. I will turn in shortly. Been a long day.

After work this evening, I had dinner at Michael's Bar and Grill with Neil Spence and Chelsea Miller, the morning team at Radio 965. We talked about a wide range of things, and it was a great delight to see Neil again, and also to meet Chelsea. (Turns out she had no idea who the hell I was before Neil filled her in. My Ottawa minions have to get the word out about me.)

Turns out she is loving Halifax so far and is totally jazzed about Radio 965's future. Apparently, ratings are moving up, and Newcap is supporting this format for the long haul. Good for them.

I shot some video of them saying hello to the Blog. I used the camcorder I bought last evening for this event. I just hope that it turns out okay. I still haven't figured out all the why's and wherefores of the device.

Before we left, I got them both to speak to Patricia, who had taken Tuesday afternoon as a vacation half day to do some gardening and the like. Then, I drove home, to be confronted by her in the garden and wanting me to help her assemble the above ground planty thingy. It will hold soil and the things she wants to grow, thereby saving her back because she will be able to stand for most of this work.

By 9:15, it was getting dark, but the good news was that the whatchamacallit was nearly assembled. There are two sideboards that need to go on, but that is about it.

And, you know what?  We didn't fight once. Normally, any such thing we work on together would be  the launching pad for a battle royale. More than a few times, we have had to take a break, have a drink, shoot some H, whatever, to get over our frustration with whatever project we were confronting, and our exasperation with each other. That did not happen tonight. Maybe it was because the instructions were quite simple, and because we had a deadline to work against, as we didn't want to work on this once it got too dark.

I am now downstairs in the recroom. Netflix is offline this evening for some reason. Plex is working fine, and so is youtube. I know I paid my monthly bill, so I am at a loss to explain what is wrong with Netflix tonight.

It is time for bed. Got up a long time ago.

You guys have a good night. See you tomorrow.


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