Sunday, June 29, 2014

Post 2701 - The Day Before

It is Sunday evening. The carpenters start here in less than 12 hours now. Yikes.

I have had a busy couple of days. Friday was a day off work, and we ended up cleaning out the contents of an old shed under the back deck. We had forgotten what was in there. It turns out that I have a wheelbarrow after all. Emptied out, the shed can just go to the landfill along with the back deck itself. Good riddance to them both.

The front steps have been cleaned off  in anticipation of tomorrow's destruction. I won't miss them either, but if I think of it in the morning, I will shoot some "before" video of the work so that the "after" video will make some sense. You will see the deplorable condition the back deck has been in and put on your pointiest-toed shoes and kick me over and over in a very private area of my body. I will beg you to stop, but because I will not have uttered the safe word, you will just kick all the harder. Thank you.

Turns out that I have to work on Monday, so I have to hang back and be a bit late tomorrow to answer any last-minute questions the contractor may have.

On Friday night I drove to my mother's. Saturday afternoon, after I had taken some old tv's and radios to the enviro depot in New Minas, and after taking my mother to lunch and a for a drive to the Frenchy's in Coldbrook, I returned to her house and mowed the lawn and then used the whipper snipper to take care of some of the stuff I couldn't mow. It looks much, much better now. My original plan was to go to the Valley on Canada Day to to that stuff, but that will no longer be necessary.

I know I was gonna go to the cottage this weekend, but things got away from me. The reality is that too much has to be done in anticipation of the work to be done here over the next couple of days. Business before pleasure.

I did find time to go to a spaghetti dinner at the Beechville Baptist Church this afternoon. It was to raise funds for a young man's trip to the Provincials in Basketball later on this summer. It was delicious. I liked it so much I paid for a second plate, which will serve as my lunch on Monday. I actually overpaid because it was for a good cause and the food and company were so excellent. To tell a secret, I actually paid for 3 plates but just got two. Like I said, it was a for a good cause and the victuals were that good. La Cucina in Bayers Lake has got some competition.

(Actually I think it is basketball that the young man is playing. He is 15 years old and is six foot five. I stood on the table in the church hall and jumped as high as I could. At each leap's apex, I was nearly at eye level with him. If it is not basketball, then the young man is perhaps in the wrong sport.)

I also found time to get a new paid of sandals at the nearby Walmart. I will wear them at work tomorrow. I just wish I had the time for a damned pedicure. I don't know how women do it.

I will be anxious until the work is done and the trash hauled away. It will be so much better, but it means putting up without a front set of steps for a couple of days. Maybe that young man can pick me up and lob me into the house after I get home from work tomorrow night. Or maybe I can just use the side steps for a couple of days. Which option would be more practical?

Busy couple of days ahead of me. Can't wait for them to be over!

See you tomorrow.


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