Friday, July 4, 2014

Post 2705 - Radio News

I mostly report on Halifax-based radio news, or stuff from the Annapolis Valley, but we can pick up the Charlottetown radio stations just fine from the cottage, so I am extending my policy.

I read on the Milkman website this morning that Hot 105.5 in Charlottetown, a Newcap station, has posted an ad looking for its new on air person. The ad is worded to give the impression that the successful candidate could be working any day part at that fine station.

(The Hot 105.5 used to be a K-Rock station until even Newcap realized that playing that goddamn classic rock music ad infinitum and ad nauseum would not bode well for its future success. I applauded the format change at the time.)

This doesn't usually happen. Typically, a person goes bye-bye (or is shown the door) and they back fill that position and the newly-hired person takes over the vacated day part position. A morning show co-host leaves. They hire a new person to become the new morning show co-host.

I was intrigued. I reached out to my source in radio in PEI and was informed that the morning co-host, Megan Coady, had accepted a position as Mid-Day host at Flow 93.5 In Toronto. I wish Ms. Coady all the best. Newcap then decided that it would post an ad in the Milkman looking for a person for a day part to be named later. The successful candidate may or may not be put in the morning show. The PD may elect to move an existing on air person into the morning show, thereby generating a chain reaction that would result in the new hire being put elsewhere.

I'm not sure how to feel about it. It is none of my business how Newcap runs its affairs, but I don't think I would want to apply for a job, any job anywhere ever, in any field of endeavour, if I didn't have a firm idea where I would end up or what I would be doing once I got there. I have to wonder how many folks will be interested in applying for this ambiguous job.

I will continue to monitor this situation and the interesting way in which Newcap is handling this hire.

You guys have a good day. See you tomorrow. Batten down your hatches. And pray with me that the work that the carpenters have done on my house so far isn't ruined by Tropical Storm Arthur tomorrow.


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Rob Wolfe said...

But as you have noted many times, radio is a strange business.