Monday, July 7, 2014

Post 2708 - Radio Rant

It is late. I will be turning in shortly.

We are back from our visit with Ron Roberts. A delightful man. Full of stories. While he and I chatted, Patricia was busy using my scanner to make digital copies of the photographs he supplied us with. I think I impressed him when I told him who Ray Middleton was, and was able to supply him with an anecdote about the man who had played Superman in the 1940's radio show. There is so much information there, so many stories, and I have so many questions left to ask, that we will be going back next Monday evening for the sequel.

This leads to my mini rant.

During my lunch hour, as I was preparing for the interview, several people on Facebook suggested questions to ask the man. They told me to say hello to them for me. They indicated a lot of respect for him. That's all fine.

What is not fine is how they don't take the time to contact Ron Roberts and tell him what he meant to them. He is hard of hearing. He is 81 years old. He has a very hard time getting around. He is not wealthy. He doesn't get much company. He has a great deal of time on his hands. He would be absolutely delighted to get more visitors, especially people from the radio who used to work with him. A few of them read my comments today.

Folks, it's like this.  He would love to hear from his old friends. I have his phone number. I know where he lives. Please, while he is able to enjoy your company, see him. Spend some time with him. Take him for a drive to KFC. Buy him an ice cream.

I will share his phone number with any radio person who writes me privately and asks for it.

See you tomorrow.


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