Friday, July 11, 2014

Post 2711 - Almost!

So close. So close.

My front deck, that is.

I am enclosing 3 pics of it. The only part still to be added is the steps.

As you can see, the wood is lovely. It is mostly hemlock, which shows the knots and blemishes very well. Once we stain the thing, it will be a thing of great beauty.

We went to Kent after work last night. Even though it is not even mid-July yet, summer stuff is going on clearance. Ridiculous, but the timing is right since within a few days the work will be done to both decks and we will need something to lay out on. I got a gravity chair for 50 bucks that was 80 or so before hand as well as 2 short metal tables suitable to hold a wobbly pop and a book, maybe even the solar-powered radio I got last year at Value Village.

I will be in the Valley again this weekend, to clean out the fridge at the house. It is full of nasty things following Arthur and the ensuing 4 day power outage. There was no time to do that on Tuesday when we were there for 90 minutes or so.

The carpenters are supposed to arrive Saturday morning and finish the front deck before getting to work on the much-smaller back deck and the smaller tasks we have asked them to work on. I am hoping that by the time I return to the city on Sunday that they will be pretty much done.

I'm sorry I keep going on about this. It is probably boring to people reading this who don't own a house and who may have the impression that decks just arrive out of the ether, delivered by the deck fairy, at no cost. Trust me. They don't. I have known this for years.

This is a major investment in my home. It's costing me mucho dinero. Major bucks. Many, many shekels. I therefore have every intention of enjoying these new decks as much as I possibly can, for as long as I possibly can. The back deck has never been something I felt comfortable using since I bought the house in 2001. In days it will be. The enjoyment in my home will increase exponentially. I will be able to survey my domain and hold Newbie over my head and tell him that he will one day own all the land the sun kisses (within the confines of the fences).  Heck, I may even acquire a taste for beer at this stage of my life. This is huge stuff for me.

I'm so excited! I think I need to pee.

See you tomorrow.


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