Saturday, July 19, 2014

Post 2718 - Saturday

Hi. Another late and long day.

The carpenter arrived at 10:30 and immediately began work in the back yard. By the end of his shift the railings on the back deck had been installed and he had begun work on the lattice to go under the deck, for storage purposes.

Patricia had a course at Henry's in Bayer's Lake this morning so that she could learn more about her new DSLR camera. By mid-afternoon, after she had returned home, we went back to Bayer's Lake to pick up some stain for the decks.

We decided on something called "light mocha", a light chocolate brown, to match the brick work on the front of the house. I bought 2 large cans of the stuff plus a couple of brushes and a long stick to which I can attach a brush so that I don't have to bend over when I'm staining the flooring.

Around 5:30, while Patricia rested upstairs, I started to work. I opened one of the cans of the semi-transparent stain. I dipped a brush in the stain and began to apply the latter to the railings on the front deck. Except for a pee break and a couple drinks of water I worked until 9:15, when it was too dark to see what the hell I was doing. I have done nearly all of the railings on the front deck, plus the spindles. In the morning, if I have the strength to get up  early enough, I will resume staining the deck, this time concentrating on the flooring and the steps. I hope to get the front done by the time the carpenter arrives around 9. I may start working on the back deck/landing while he is working, as long as my efforts do not interfere with his work.

Patricia made mini-pizzas this evening. Delish. And we just watched what seemed to be the last episode of The Vicar of Dibley. Loved the original series from the 1990's; hadn't realized they were sporadically making episodes into the 00's. Apparently they still do short sketches for things like Comic Relief, but what we saw tonight was the last full-length episode.

If you will excuse me, my lovelies, it is time to turn in. Need some shut eye.

See you tomorrow.


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