Sunday, July 20, 2014

Post 2719 - Ugh!

It is pushing 9:30. Another very long day.

I resumed staining the front deck later than I should have, this morning. Overslept. Started around 9:15. I did as much as I could, until my big hands could not get the brush into places it needed to go. Left that for Patricia to do, as she has girlie hands.

I commenced work on staining the back deck late in the morning. At one point, the carpenter, Maurice, suggested that instead of using a brush, I use a rag instead. Dip it in the stain and then rub it furiously on the spindles in an up and down motion, holding the soaked rag in my fist. I swear, it must have looked like I was giving the spindles enthusiastic hand jobs. I hope they enjoyed it. When I was over, I nearly asked for one of Maurice's cigarettes. I would have regarded the spindles with a cool smile and a half-cocked eye and asked if it had been good for them. But I managed to suppress myself. I am too  old to take up smoking. The truth was, I didn't think I would have been prepared for their answer.

I also stained the railings. Not nearly as much fun. And, please forgive the term, but after working on the spindles, staining the flooring and steps seemed positively... anti-climactic.

Patricia also chipped in, going over the spots I couldn't reach, out on the front deck.

It was hours of work in the hot Nova Scotia sun. Mid-afternoon, I ate some potato salad and drank water and ate two bananas and some vanilla fro yo. I returned to my outside work until supper time at which time I returned inside and watched the rest of "The Expendables 2". Brainless movie for a nearly brain-dead Bevboy.

An hour or so ago, I had my shower. To my great delight, the stain that was... staining ...  various parts of my anatomy washed off with copious amounts of water and soap and elbow grease. I think it is all gone. I do remind the boys at coffee tomorrow, though, to check me out and let me know if they see any errant stain and discreetly tell me about it. Just jump up on the table at the Metro Deli, point at me and shriek, "Arrgghh! You have light mocha semi-transparent stain on your [supply body part name]!" Exclaim it loud enough so that the employees of News 95.7 on the 9th floor of Young Tower hear you: perhaps they will dispatch a reporter to cover this breaking story. Deal? Thanks. You're a doll.

I guess I will turn in. I need to get ready for my share of abuse on Monday morning. Always a good time.

See you tomorrow.


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