Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Post 2720 - Radio News

First of all, I'm sorry I didn't write on Monday. I was up until midnight working on the latest blog interview. Crazy amount of work, checking the spelling of names and so on.

When I was staining the back deck on Sunday afternoon, I had a good chance to listen to Q104 for several hours. The carpenter had a portable stereo with him that was welded on the Q. I have to admit that it sure was nice to hear Scotty Mars on the radio again. I don't know why he was let go from Live 105 a couple of years ago, but they certainly did make a mistake when they did so.  But I digress.

Several times throughout the Sunday Flashbacks they announced the existence of a new overnight request show. They provided a local phone number, so I can only conclude that the show is totally produced in house. I do not know who will be the host of this enticing program. The Q104 website is out-of-date to say the least.

This news makes me happy. I love live and local radio. There should be a pox on voice tracked radio programs. And anything that takes away the infestation known as "Sixx Sense" hosted by Nikki Sixx is going to be an improvement. I'll be diplomatic for a change and state that I was not a fan of that program.Yeah. Let's go with that.

I will ferret out what news I can on this important story. As I find out more I will pass it along to you, my 4.7 readers.

See you tomorrow.


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