Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Post 2721 - Wednesday

It is just past 10pm. I will turn in shortly.

I have just spent a couple hours transcribing a big chunk in the latest radio interview. I really think you will like it. And I am hoping that the interview will have a bigger reach than my previous ones. Keep watching the skies.

Patricia left for the cottage this morning and arrived shortly before 11. She apparently spent a big part of the afternoon trying to get the new air conditioner to work down there. Me, I was at work, and will be at work for a scant two days afore I go on vacation for 3 weeks. I need this break. It has been a long year.

After work this evening I went to Value Village. I am on the hunt for another solar-powered radio.  Well, maybe two. The freeplay brand is really good. The sound quality is good. The solar cells are efficient. Leaving the thing out in the sun lets the radio go at a good volume for a few hours before you have to wind it to keep it going. A new one costs 60 bucks or more. The one I have came from VV last year. It is my hope that I will eventually find a couple more of those radios. I would like to have one for my mother's and a third one to live out its days at the cottage. I will eventually find what I seek. I am on a quest.

Let's see here. What else is going on? I haven't been able to spend much time on either of my two new decks this week. The afore-mentioned transcribing has kept me busy. Perhaps I should sleep out on the deck some evening and get my money's worth. My gravity chair is comfortable enough to sustain me, but Newbie would miss me.

Two more days till vacation. I can hardly wait!!

See you tomorrow.


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