Friday, July 25, 2014

Post 2723 - V-Day

It is noon. I will grab something to eat shortly.

I commence my vacation in just a few hours. I can hardly wait.I will be off for 3.5 weeks, returning to work on August 18th.

There will be warmed over content on the blog while I am away. I will be producing short posts, bridging material really, that link to previous posts. It is what I did last year when I was off. I will be on call for work all weekend, but after that, I will probably turn off the BlackBerry and leave it off more than it will be on. If you think I am ignoring you, I'm not. I will be ignoring the BlackBerry.

I have produced the first draft of a long interview with a retired radio broadcaster. He tells excellent stories, and I look forward to sharing them with you. I think we are looking at around the middle part of August before it runs. Watch the skies for it. Like I wrote yesterday, this interview may reach a wider audience or at least be publicized differently than previous interviews.

Vacation! Four hours and a bit from now! So excited. Cottage, here I come!

See you tomorrow. Sort of.


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