Monday, July 28, 2014

Post 2726 - Karen Begin Stuff

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I liked mine very much.  Thanks for asking. I frolicked in the wave pool and ran around with the kids before I told my wife that I was having an affair with my daughter's 21 year old girlfriend.

Oh, wait.

It was a dream. Never mind.

This is my first day of my vacation. I am thinking of you. And I am thinking of the blog and how people in the radio world have embraced it. It prolly happened with the posts regarding Karen Begin, a.k.a. Karin Begin, a.k.a. Darian O'Toole.

She died in 2008, and it is hard to believe that she is gone. I didn't know her well. I am not sure who did know her well, but she touched many lives in her short 40 years.

I produced several blog posts about her. This was the first one. Here is another one. One more for the road.

See you tomorrow.


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