Sunday, August 10, 2014

Post 2739 - Special "Live" Vacation Post!

Hello again, my lovelies.

It is nearly 10pm. Even though I still have a week's vacation ahead of me, I must get up with the birdies on the morrow and drive Patricia to work, not because of the unearthly forces she can exert on me, but because I need to be downtown bright and early to take care of some financial matters. I will be paying the final third of the payment for the work done to my house over the last month or so.

I will put up more pictures here and on my Facebook shortly, but in the meantime just be content to know that everything looks just marvy. The front and back decks are comfortable and spacious, the front deck more so, because it is much larger. There is ample storage under both decks for things like wheelbarrows and green bins and the like. The shed has two new doors on it that need to be stained, but otherwise are a thing of beauty. The hinges and hasps and hooks and eyes are all new. A new light fixture adorns each entrance to the house, with an LED light bulb in each; and the spare fourth fixture was given to my next door neigbhour so that the fixtures on the front of our respective semis would match. The new window sill on the window here in my rec room looks great, but will also have to be stained fairly soon. The trees in the back yard are gone, and Patricia will be using that space for some kind of garden. The water hose now hangs on the side of my shed, rather than where it used to be hanging off the old back deck that was torn down and carted away. I am very happy with the work, and the least I can do is pay the damn bill on time, which I will tomorrow.

I have been mentioning it on my Facebook and Twitter, but not here, which seems odd somehow. I can announce that my next radio interview will be with Ron Roberts, but it will not be published here. Andrew Douglas at Frank Magazine has purchased first publication rights and it will run in the issue of Frank that will come out on  August 25th.

(This marks my first professional writing, unless you include the porno novel I wrote when I was 20 or so. It was called "Stow Away!" and was written under the name of David Church. My favourite passage: "Benito sheathed his turgid meat-sword repeatedly into Georgina's love scabbard". Some of my best writing, in my opinion.)



So far, officially, this is a one-off. However, based upon how well the issue sells, perhaps there will be other interviews published in Frank, or maybe even elsewhere. Let's hope for the best. Buy five copies for your mother.

I have also been asked to come up with a regular column for Frank. I have agreed to do this and have spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to approach it whilst on vacay. Andrew has asked me to focus on things media related, with a slant toward radio, naturally. In practice, a lot of the news I post here about who's coming and going from which station will end up there rather than here. I will also likely comment on some of the changes I see in the market.

Andrew has also asked me to write about things in the Annapolis Valley, where I am from. There has not been much in Frank lately from that part of the province. The last major piece would have been the stuff about Paul Kinsman and the Golers. As you will see from Monday's post, another "best of", that article in Frank was inspired by my blog post on the same subject. Andrew even borrowed my copy of "On South Mountain" from me in order to complete his research on the topic, although he followed up with the initiative of contacting Kinsman's wife. Donna Goler would not return Andrew's calls; it would have been very interesting to learn her thoughts about his death and how she feels about the whole affair, all these years later.

At any rate, I may have a regular paying writing gig in my near future. But I do not want any of my 4.7  to worry. I will continue to produce fresh content here every day, or damned near every day, going forward, once I am back from vacation. I would not have this paying work were it not for the time and effort I have put into Bevboy's  Blog all these years. I am as grateful to you for this as I am to Andrew Douglas for giving me this chance. I promise you, and him, that I will work hard to make you proud, and him, as happy an editor can be.

Wish me luck, will you?

See you tomorrow.


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