Saturday, August 16, 2014

Post 2745 - Saturday

It is just past midnight. Technically Sunday morning.

I am back in the city. I got back to the house around 5pm. After a very long shower and a shave, we decided to go to a movie, and ended up seeing "Lucy". Don't bother. Started off well but fell to pieces toward the end, pretty much the way Scarlett Johansson herself did. Sorry for the spoilers.

(Yes. I shaved. Proof is below.)

Got back to the house and spent 90 minutes or so farting around with Plex Media Server. I have replaced some hard drives with other ones. Mounting that stuff is always great fun.

Sunday will be my last full day before I return to work on Monday. I have to stain the new doors on my shed as well as the window sill that the carpenter put in for me. Shouldn't take too long. Should have time to watch a movie or two on Netflix or something.

See you tomorrow.


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