Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Post 2748 - Lots Of Fun

Welcome to Tuesday night, ladies and gentlemen.

As I have noted here before, I suffer from migraine headaches. I developed a textbook one after lunch today, and only the miracle drug Zolmitriptan saved the day for me. I feel much better this evening. Thank you for asking. 

I am still messing around with the Plex Media Server. I note with some degree of irony that its abbreviation is PMS because there are times when configuring it makes me want to wail and gnash my teeth and yell at a man for an hour. (Whichever man happens to be around. Doesn't matter.)

Were the last two sentences in the previous paragraph degrading? To men? Let me know.

There is not much else to report. I am still waiting with bated breath for the next issue of Frank Magazine to come out to see how well my interview with Ron Roberts goes over with its readership. Do me a fave and buy an extra copy, won't you? There's a dear.

What else is going on? Newbie has found a new perch here in my home office. I have an entertainment centre in one corner. It's pretty tall. He likes to bound up from the floor, to this computer desk, to the printer, to the top of the nearby bookcase, and then to the top of the entertainment centre. There is a laptop bag up there, and he enjoys curling up on it. It's cute, but he scares the hell out of me sometimes when he jumps down and I didn't know where he was beforehand. He must think his name is on the deed to the house or something. I assure you, and him, that it isn't.

Tomorrow night we will be late getting home. We are going to a concert at the Metro Centre, paid for with Patricia's own money. It is a fund-raising concert for the Stan Rogers Folk Festival, which got cancelled at the last minute in July because of Post Tropical Storm Arthur. There are lots of great acts there, including many of our favourites. We are looking forward to seeing Laura Smith and The Stanfields and a dozen or so more. I will tell you about it when I get back home, which will be pretty late.

(I return the favour in September when we have weekend passes to the Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville. That will be frickin' awesome like it is every year. I paid for those.)

See you tomorrow.


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