Thursday, August 21, 2014

Post 2749 - Yawn!


Sorry I didn't write on Wednesday. We didn't get home until half past midnight, barely 12 hours ago. We got home so late because of the Rise Again show at the Metro Centre, which was an effort to raise funds for the Stan Rogers Folk Festival, which was cancelled last month at the proverbial last minute. They did this because Post Tropical Storm Arthur was poised to smash into Canso, where the festival takes place every year.

The producers had to return a lot of money to a lot of people. Because there were fixed costs associated with the festival, and the attendant revenue stream was dammed off, they were strapped. Last night's event was to help balance the scales for next year. (Have I mixed enough metaphors yet?)

The show was excellent. It ran for about 3.5 hours from 8 until 11:45 including a short intermission. Bruce Guthro, the Stanfields, Slowcoaster, Matt Anderson, Gene MacLellan's daughter Katherine, Laura Smith, some people whose names I didn't catch, and more.

My god, what a good show. Matt Anderson was probably the highlight for me, although Katherine MacLellan's rendition of her father's song "Snow Bird" ran a close second. I had never seen him perform before. A more passionate Blues artist I have not seen, not that I am an expert or anything. It is nearly a cliché for guitarists to look pained when they play; they want to convey the sense that it is difficult to extract the correct notes from their instruments and sometimes look constipated as a result. But Anderson looks like he is going to die up there. He puts his entire body into playing his guitar. He thrashes his head up and down, his long hair askew and flying around as if he were Medusa's kid-brother. The looks on his face and his singing voice make me think that he thinks this is the last performance he will ever give and he wants to make it count. I am now a fan. I want to see a full concert with the man. Something tells me I should see him sooner rather than later. :-)

By 11:45 we were pretty tired. We had been up since 5:30 that morning and we would have to get up a scant 6 hours later and go to work. We made our way to the car, parked several blocks away at the corner of Granville and Sackville  Streets, and drove home. I was so bushed after such a long day that it is hard to remember much of the ride home.

By 12:30 we were home and went to beddy bye.

And barely 12 hours later, I am half way through my work day. I think I will turn in a bit earlier tonight than I did last.

See you tomorrow.


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