Saturday, August 23, 2014

Post 2751 - Saturday

Damn. It's not Monday yet. Instead it is late Saturday night.

We went to the Hubbards Farmer's Market this morning and then had lunch at the nearby Trellis Cafe. Excellent food. On the way back we went to the used bookstore in Tantallon called Otis and Clementine's. Because the name of the store doesn't really suggest what the store has or sells, they added a "Used Books" sign underneath. Here: check out their website. I ended up buying a Richard Matheson novel, and Patricia got a book that she will likely lend to my mother.

After that we went to the Superstore. They were having a sale, and we stocked up for the colder months. Many dollars were spent and many items were purchased. The stuff barely fit in my car. We still haven't put all the food away.

We returned home and spent time watching recent episodes of "Whose Line is it, Anyway?". This was all to kill time before Doctor Who started on the Space channel.

The new Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi. I am not a big Whovian. I find the Doctor all too often to be foppish and just odd. The first half of the episode, therefore, met my expectations. But after that, the character began to make more sense and by the end of the show, Capaldi had won me over. I am very much looking forward to seeing what they do with the character this year. And the special cameo at the end by... well, you see the show for yourself and see whether you can keep a tear from your eye.

We then watched The Intruders, which is something from former producers of The X-Files. Boring. Won't watch it any more.

It is nearly 1 in the morning. I guess I should turn in. If I sleep enough, I will wake up just in time to go to work on Monday morning. Then, I return to work. And, mid-morning, Frank Magazine comes out.

I can hardly wait. Monday can't come soon enough.

See you tomorrow.


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Unknown said...

1- you need a bigger car
2- I agree with your assessment of the 'new' Doctor... should be interesting
3- Monday is 12.5hrs away....